Peptide & Protein Quantification

high sensitive and high specific immunoaffinity UPLC-MRM MS assays

Fast development and implementation of high sensitive and high specific immunoaffinity UPLC-MRM MS for quantitative measurement of free or total endogenous and therapeutic peptides and proteins in different biological matrices using differential dimethyl labeling.

  • Matches or outperforms immunoassay sensitivity
  • Requires only a single capture antibody for protein or peptide enrichment
  • Provides high specificity
  • Enables method development within 2 weeks for a therapeutic protein
  • Enables the use of one assay for a therapeutic peptide/protein over different preclinical species without further extensive method development
  • Provides modest throughput: 3-8min analytical run time per sample, >150 samples per instrument, per day

* For endogenous and therapeutic peptide quantification, these steps (reduction, alkylation and digestion) are not necessary
** SIL-IS is generated by dimethyl labeling of a surrogate peptide with d(2)- or 13C, d(2)-formaldehyde

Reference :

Chengjie Ji, Nalini Sadagopan, Yizhong Zhang and Christopher Lepsy “A Universal Strategy for Fast Development of a Method for Absolute Quantification of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies in Biological Matrices Using Differential Dimethyl Labeling Coupled with UPLC-MS/MS” Anal. Chem. 2009, 81, 9321-9328.