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NovaBioAssays LLC is a Greater Boston-based contract research organization (CRO) specialized in providing innovative mass spectrometric (MS) solutions to facilitate drug discovery and development. We offer a full suite of mass spectrometry services for quantitative and qualitative analysis of proteins and small molecules. Our featured services include:

  • Selective reaction monitoring/multiple reaction monitoring (SRM/MRM) for quantitative measurement of endo- and xeno- small molecules, peptides, oligoneucleotides and proteins in biological matrices
  • Characterization and quantitation of complex protein molecules such as antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) and glycoproteins
  • Hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry for epitope mapping and biosimilar development

We Help Your Business Grow

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1) We partner with our clients to discover and develop innovative medicines at an accelerated pace and with reduced costs to benefit patients worldwide; 2) We are the first choice of our clients. We offer competitive services in terms of quality, speed and cost using our world-class UPLC-MS/MS biomarker/bioanalytical expertise; and 3) We retain and reward our talented employees based on their contributions to our organization, which in turn provides a consistent and reliable experience for our clients.

Enabling Techniques

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UPLC-triple quadrupole MS/MS Quantification of small molecule, peptide and protein drugs/biomarkers in biological matrices using UPLC-MRM MS.

Magnetic beads-based immunoenrichment Automated immunoenrichment using magnetic beads-based approach.

MSIA pipette tips-based immunoenrichment Automated immunoenrichment using MSIA pipette tips-based approach.

Differential dimethyl labeling Generating peptide SIL-ISs using differential dimethyl labeling for fast method development, and/or sensitivity enhancement.

Chemical derivatization Chemical derivatization enabling the measurement of non-polar, low endogenous levels of small molecule biomarkers in small sample volumes via sensitivity enhancement.

UPLC-Qtof HRMS Protein and antibody-drug conjugate characterization (intact mass measurement, peptide mass mapping, glycosylation analysis, protein identification); HDX MS for epitope mapping.